A solution to serve
your differentiation

Leader of your industry ?

Your dominant position is not the result of luck but the result of
successive differentiation and innovation in all areas of your company

KBRW is at your disposal to serve your differentiation of Today and Tomorrow by building together a global IS solution:
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    Robustness, our technology is based on a PaaS, Open-Source libraries and a strong involvement in the development of the technologies we use
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    Tailor-made, thanks to a deep understanding of your strengths and needs/features
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    Agile and sustainable, we consider your current constraints to foresee your future needs
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    Integrated, into your existing IS architecture, by developing specific connectors
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    Fast deployment, thanks to our PaaS andour Operationnal Intelligence acquired over the projects
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Operational and business intelligence to serve leaders

KBRW has acquired expertise in a variety of fields of activity in all sectors, both B2B and B2C. KBRW addresses each customer with a neutral and unbiased view in order to fully understand their nature, features, constraints and processes to offer perfectly tailored solutions

KBRW has developed a growing expertise in the following areas :

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    E-commerce and Omnichannel Commerce: Product Index Management, Inventory Calculation, 360° Inventories Visibility, Product Search Engine, Store Locator, Click &Collect, Reserve &Collect, Ship  from Store,  Picking  Process,Collection Process,  Dispatch  Process, Order Management System,Multi-Store Shopping Cart, Multi Supplier Order, Express Delivery...
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    Digital Transformation: Digitize and automatize manual processes in your Company, Build Transversal Collaborative Platform..
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    Cash  Register Management: Billing Management, Customer Cash Management, Digital/connected Cash register...
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    Supply Chain: Warehouse Management System, Connected Supply Chain, Multiple Supplier Flow Management, Delivery Provider Orchestration, Process Optimization, Transport Management System
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    Customer Services: Complete traceability of each order, Complete Customer Historical, Payment Management, Loyalty Program, Refund Management, Customer Notification Management (SMS, incoming call, outgoing call, mail)
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    Business rules management: Business Processes Management, Operational Productiveness, Modeling, Data Analysis, ...

We gained their trust:

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The robustness of a
platform as a service

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    Security: The confidentiality of your customerdata is a major challenge for KBRW. To accomplish the previously stated goal, the best practices and recommendations of the National Agency for Computer Security (ANSSI) are integrated at the heart of our platform. We use the best available technologies: containers for process and data isolation, SSL for secure trade, etc.
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    Scalability: For KBRW, it is unthinkablethat your growth strategy could be limited by your IS. All your applications will take advantage of an infrastructure designed to absorb heavy loads, including isolatedor seasonal loads. At the heart of this capability, we use Erlang technology, which already proved its worth on the world's largest platforms such as: WhatsApp, Facebook, Rakuten...
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    Resilience: In the highly connected environment of your IS, problems can also occur from outside (data centers, external services, etc.). Our fully redundant platform is based on Erlang technology, the only technology in the world which integrates advanced error management and provides an availability rate of 99.9999999
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Our guaranty of independence at our disposal
the open source libraries

Open Source is in our DNA ; it is a model in which we have believed in since our creation in 2009 and which is now adopted by all the major players in IT. It is for us and our customers, the guaranty of 5 essential values for the business:

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    Openness: In an ultra-connected and interdependent universe, the openness brought by open source tools naturally finds its place. No more ceaseless migrations and painful evolutions, open source is essentially the provider of interoperability solutions. From now on, these are the most innovative tools.
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    Equity: Open source is a development method that favors meritocracy and equity. This win-win strategy is the warranty of a dynamic, highly motivating ecosystem and, from a business point of view, immune to the perverse effects of dominant position abuse.
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    Reliability: The open source has long suffered from labeling of amateurism, the maturity of the ecosystem must no longer to be demonstrated. Whether it is by the fact that all major IT players (up to Microsoft) are now part of this model or by the existence of strong structures for pooling efforts (Apache Foundation, OW2 Consortium, Linux Foundation), the choice of open source software bricks can be done with serenity.
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    Transparency: The primary quality of open source, which all others probably depend on, is the transparency guaranteed by software licenses that require the free distribution of its source code. Because your customers' data is critical and their confidentiality is non-negotiable, the choice of open source is the only way to protect you from spyware and other backdoors.
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    Independence : The ability to access software source code, to modify and redistribute the changes makes our developers fully independent to the evolutions of third-party solutions integrated in our platform. For you, this means increased responsiveness of our teams, and no surprises on hidden costs of licenses.
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KBRW connector
For each standard software

Main connectors already developed by KBRW:

Connectors: WMS
Connectors: Point of Sales
Connectors: Transport
La poste
Connectors: TMS
DDS Logistics
Connectors: e-commerce platform
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Custom made and agile

Custom solution

Our Platform as a service allows us to develop « fast and furiously » Robust tailor made solution.

Our agile and tailor made solutions are based on a proprietary platform. We have total control of the code, are independent and not subject to conventional software constraints. We created many Open Source libraries which are used by hundreds of thousands of developers. We are a big driver of the Elixir Community and are strongly involved in the development of this programming language. Our CTO is cofounder of the Paris.ex group which is dedicated to Elixir Programming the and on regular bases a speaker at the Erlang and Elixir Conference in Paris.

Operating in Agile method

For each « sprint » we have a team of experienced developers and architects that we place at your disposal. A sprint lasts ten days. The number of required Sprints is defined at the beginning of each mission. At the end of each sprint, a deliverable will be presented during a meeting of the steering committee and together the tasks and objectives of the next sprint will be determined.

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The warranty of a garanty of a quality product

Service Level Agreement

Subscribing to KBRW's services means subscribing to comprehensive and cost-effective SLAs.
We guarantee availability and reactivity in order to maintain operational and optimal services deployed at all times.

Norms and Certifications

In the certification process: NF525 Electronic Cash register software (POS).
To meet the evolving requirements and regulations in term of Electronic cash register (POS), we have launched the NF525 certification process by AFNOR.


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